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Submissions are Closed - It's Voting Time!

Below is a list of common FAQs below that should answer most questions. 

If you still have questions about your submissions, or technical issues email.


What's This All About?

The “NewBay Media AV/IT College Standings 2017” is the first and only AV/IT technology ratings for colleges and universities to provide prospective students and parents to use during their evaluation process. 

The AV/IT College Standings 2017 was created by the editors of NewBay Media to help colleges and universities gain recognition and be ranked for its commitment to education first, while supporting student outcomes and engagement with AV/IT technologies. The editors recognize that technology supports specific pedagogies, campus culture and helps project school pride, not the other way around.

Help your school be recognized for its forward-thinking, transformative AV/IT technologies and solutions. 

Who Can Submit Nominations?

  • College/University AV/IT managers, directors, admins, facilities managers, tech staff

PLUS: The following types of companies can enter up to three nominations but must have permission from the college or university to enter on its behalf, and must provide the main contact information at the college.

  • Technology Consultants and Integrators (with permission from college/university)
  • Architectural Design Firms (with permission from college/university)
  • Manufacturers (with permission from college/university)

Submissions are Closed - It's Voting Time!


Cost for Submission? 

Nada. There is no cost to submit nominations—for anyone. 

What Can Be Nominated?

From active learning classrooms, collaboration solutions, interactive digital solutions, student engagement technologies, immersive/experiential environments, sports locker rooms and stadiums to new building integration—you’ll see from the categories listed below that we think we’ve got the bases covered. Three submissions allowed (see below for details).

The space/environment and/or technology solution must have been completed and in use during the 2015/2016 school year.

How Many Nominations You Can Submit?

Three, with one exception: We recognize that colleges and universities can have multiple schools, each with their own staff and budget. In this case, each school can submit up to three nominations. Consultants, architects, integrators, and manufactures can submit up to three nominations. (Not three per category—three submissions—period). Overview of categories are below.

How Are Submissions Judged and Ranked?

Voting Public: Once submissions are closed, submissions and descriptions will be made public for voting. The collective audience of NewBay Media AV/IT publications will receive an email to vote on the nominated entries they believe to be most transformative AV/IT spaces and solutions within each category.

Final Judging: NewBay Media editors and an independent panel of AV/IT industry experts will also judge all entries. The editors will help break ties, and make decisions if a nomination would be better served in a different category.

The top 15 in each category will make it into the NewBay AV/IT College Standings 2017.

Keeping it Real:

This is an important ranking system, and we take it seriously. To ensure cousins, aunts and uncles are not submitting nominations and stuffing the voting ballots, we need to insist that your real work information is provided. PLUS, the highest rankings will have additional interviews done for case studies, so we need real information.

Contact information for the main AV/IT person within the college/university must be provided. This will be the person who also gives permission for submissions from outside the university (e.g. consultants, manufactures, etc.).

Give credit where its due: This is optional, but there is an area to provide info for any of the following teams that were involved: Technology Consultant, Architectural Designer, AV/IT Integrator—because everyone should share in the spotlight. Everyone will receive an email with the results.

What’s in It for You?

Available in December—get inspired! Part 1: Inaugural AV/IT College Standings Guide. Editors show inspiring case studies, insightful features, and tips from expert judges on how to make your nomination stand out.

NewBay AV/IT College Standings 2017 announced in March. Digital edition to follow with case studies and details on each ranking—just in time for prospective parents and students to plan their college tours.


Colleges and universities among the standings can use the NewBay AV/IT College Standings 2017 logo to promote your school—anywhere you want. Download the digital edition, send a link, send emails, shout it on social media! Your college/university has made it into these important rankings.

Consultants, architects, integrators, and manufacturers with a submitted nomination among the standings can use the NewBay AV/IT College Standings 2017 logo. Download the digital edition, send a link, send emails, shout it on social media, and more! Your installation has made it into these important rankings.

Where Do I Start?

Once you click on the "click here to enter your nominations" the submission process is step-by-step. As you enter information your entries will be saved. If you need to return to enter additional information the work you've already entered will still be available.

Overview of categories are below. Only three submissions TOTAL!


Entries within this category are specific to an overall space/room, environment or experience. Think about what AV/IT technology solutions come together to make the space, environment or experience outstanding.

  • Best Active Learning Classroom Technology Solutions
  • Best Wayfinding Experience Student and/or Visitor Technology Solutions
  • Best Digital Signage Solution Student and/or Visitor Technology Solutions
  • Best Use of Interactive Digital Signage in a Public Space
  • Best In-classroom Collaboration Environment Technology Solutions
  • Best Videoconferencing Environment Technology Solutions
  • Best Freshman Student Engagement Solutions
  • Best Help Desk Integrated Technology Solutions
  • Best Auditorium AV/IT Technology Solutions
  • Best Theater and/or Live Event Space AV/IT Technology Solutions
  • Best Athletic Room and/or Sports Stadium AV/IT Technology Solutions
  • Best Huddle Space Technology Solutions
  • Best Faculty Meeting/Conference Room Technology Solutions
  • Best Common Space (e.g. Library, Study Spaces, Atrium, Cafeteria, Lobby, Outside, etc.) Technology Solutions
  • Best Immersive Environment Technology Solutions


Sometimes a specific technology can make a difference for one aspect of a campus or classroom which is why we are also providing the following categories. The solution must be tied to a specific environment or application in use at a specific college/university. Same rules apply as above. These categories are not meant for product write-ups.

  • Best Overall AV/IT Campus Integration
  • Best Classroom AV/IT Integration Solution
  • Best Transition of AV/IT Technology to the Cloud
  • Best Learning Management System Integration
  • Best Classroom Engagement Solution
  • Best Collaboration Solution
  • Best Lecture Capture Solution
  • Best Distance Learning Solution
  • Best Interactive Solution
  • Best Streaming Media Solution
  • Best Immersive Environment Technology Solution
  • Best Assistive Technology Solution
  • Best Technology Integration In-Class and/or MOOC Curriculum
  • Best Technology Solution that has Increased Student Engagement
  • Best Technology Solution that has Increased Faculty Engagement
  • Best Integrated Emergency Notification Solution
  • Best Integrated Campus Safety Solution


If you still have questions about your submissions, or technical issues email.